The doors are built with a combination of frames and panels. In the U.S. structure is a combination of solid wood and the panel is followed by construction type. It is this combination of mortise and tenon, or the straight face and frame joints, etc. The wood used is maple, cherry, oak or birch and walnut times. These are the most commonly used among other species. Those mortise and tenon is the strongest of the loss of value and long term. There is another type that has gained importance is the tabs common frameworks. They are generally used for metal hooks can be integrated with security in them. These are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Different materials such as wood doors are that might be of solid wood, engineered wood, or sometimes a mixture of both. Glass doors and metal are also used. The doors are glass with glass windows and built from the studs and beams that hold the glass panels. There are many styles for use with this type of glass doors. A variety of types of glass are used as mirrors, flat, door color, usually prefer the plain, and if private security, or rather it is an option, then you can go color. And if the door has to be very popular then mirrored doors are preferred. Other designs often mimic the appearance of divided light is given by the mutineers and the uprights of the overlapping and sometimes it could be dispensed with altogether.steel storage cabinet that the use of commonly used glass doors glass shelves and interior lighting also used the top of the cabinet. A glass shelf has the quality of light to pass through the entire enterprise. If the special effects on offer, and the inside of the box is covered with mirrors to distribute the light completely.